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Fall Report:Teacher Education and Special Education (TESE) - Portland, ME, November 2005

Fred Spooner and Bob Algozzine, Co-Editors, UNC Charlotte

This report is the fifth of the editors of Teacher Education and Special Education (TESE) and reflects the state of the editorship since the last reporting period ending in March 2005 (April 2005- November 2005). Our first report was completed for the Biloxi TED Conference in November 2003, with the second report being prepared for the New Orleans CEC Conference in April 2004, another report that was delivered in November 2004 in Albuquerque at TED, and a fourth report was compiled for CEC in Baltimore, April 2005. Manuscript processing, future issues of the journal , exploration of electronic, online, publishing with Allen Press , follow-up on the Boyd Printing Company shipping back issues, editors participation in ERIC Clearinghouse Archive, library subscriptions, and status on the feature, Excellence in College-Level Teaching, are summarized and future plans are presented.

Manuscript Processing

We have two levels of data that we would like to share with the Executive Board, Publications Committee, and membership. The first is a cumulative analysis of manuscripts going back to July 1, 2003 and the second is based on activity (April 2005 – October 2005) since the last reporting period.

Cumulative progress.

Since July 1, 2003, we have received 200 manuscripts. As of October 5, 2005, 160 (80%) of those papers have been reviewed with an average turn-around (from login to editorial decision) of 65 days when those with in-house reviews were included. Turn-around time for manuscripts that have had external reviews increased to 68 days. Of those 160 papers considered by field reviewers, 26 (16%) have been accepted for publication, 88 (55%) have not been accepted for publication, and 46 (29%) fit into a reject, revise, and resubmit category. Reasons for rejection have included the quality of the writing, inappropriateness of the topic for journal, failure to add to the knowledge-base, and poorly developed research methodology; authors have been advised of the reasons for rejection in communications from the editors.

Progress since last reporting period. Since April 6, 2005 we have received 51 manuscripts. As of October 6, 2005, 25 (49%) of those papers have been reviewed with an average turn-around (from login to editorial decision) of 47 days when those with in-house reviews were included. Turn-around time for manuscripts that received consideration by external reviewers was also 47 days. Of those 51 papers receiving field reviews, 3 (12%) have been accepted for publication 16 (64%) have not been accepted for publication, 6 (24%) are manuscript that fit into a reject, revise, and resubmit category, and 1 manuscript was viewed to be inappropriate for the journal.

Future Issues of the Journal

At the present time, 28(3/4), Summer/Fall 20005, has been sent back to Allen Press for final processing, and appear to be on schedule for publishing the journal. Currently, the issues for the next volume year, Volume 29, are filled. As per our arrangement with Allen Press, 29(1) and 29(2) will be published as separate, stand-alone, issues; 29(3/4) will be a combined issue. Manuscripts slated for Volume 29 can be found in Tables 1-3.

Exploration of Electronic Publishing

Ted Freeman at Allen Press was consulted about on-line publishing for the journal. Once we had the journal on-line, we would likely cut our production costs 30%-40%. On the other hand, it would cost an additional $7,000 - $8,000 to get into a basic, entry-level, on-line publishing operation with Allen Press. The extra revenue for that initial investment would need to be generated. For example, Membership Dues could be raised $4.00 per person to cover the increased cost with a membership ranging somewhere between 2,500 and 3,000 individuals.

Follow-up on Boyd Printing Company Shipping Back Issues

As many of you remember, September 7, 2004 we received an invoice from Boyd Printing Company for $1,867.50 for shipping 5,000 lbs (21/2 tons) consisting of more that 10,000 back issues of the journal that were transported from Albany, NY to Lawrence, KS. The details of these back issues of the journal have been documented in the Fall 2004 Report. Larry Johnson, University of Cincinnati and former co-editor of the journal, agreed to pay these shipping costs. Betty Epanchin worked with Jane Cary from Boyd Printing to reduce the price of the invoice by $297.75, bringing the adjusted cost to $1,569.75. The University of Cincinnati required an adjusted invoice to process the remittance. An adjusted invoice was never produced by Boyd Printing Company. I worked with Nelson Vincent and Dani Signorile from the University of Cincinnati who corresponded with representatives from Boyd Printing and the issue was resolved in late April 2005. Dani Signorile was told that the invoice had already been paid. Interestingly enough, no money changes hands; Larry Johnson did not pay the invoice and TED did not pay the invoice. The issue has been cleared, and the Teacher Education Division does not owe Body Printing Company any money.

Participation as Part of ERIC Clearinghouse Archive

Teacher Education and Special Education has been selected to be indexed in the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC). We have been working with Fern Frusti, Content Development Lead for ERIC, Computer Sciences Corporation, Bristol, RI and Julia Mitchell of Allen Press to facilitate the preparation of TESE content for ERIC. An agreement with signed with the Clearinghouse May 26, 2005. ERIC is using Print Document Format (PDFs) material that is prepared by Allen Press for issues of the journal. There is no cost to the journal to participate in this process.

Library Subscriptions

As of October 6, 2005 library subscriptions, according to Christy Classi at Allen Press, have slightly increased. Our library subscriptions are currently at 381 which is an increase of 3 library subscribers since October 2004. On March 15, 2004 we had 344 library subscribers. The increase from $60 to $96 has not caused a decline in our library subscribers. Essentially, we have stayed steady in this category.

Feature on Excellence in College-Level Teaching for TESE

We have our first manuscript for the feature on Excellence in College-Level Teaching. The first manuscript for the feature is slated to appear in 29(1). We are currently working with the Associate Editor, Cheryl Beverly, to secure a reliable, steady, flow of manuscripts.

Click full report to view the enitre fall TESE report.